Thank You TMP for a Fabulous Festival!

A successful Kaleidoscope festival takes a dedicated team of tireless supporters working countless hours in the background to make it happen. The WSCTA would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Tacoma Musical Playhouse festival team for making Kaleidoscope 2017 such a great experience. At the risk of missing a name, we want to specifically thank Jeffrey Stvrtecky, Sue Snyder, Aslhey Cozine, Jill Voelker, Iris McBride, Dennis Kurtz, John Chenault, Caitlin Cowan, Cassandra DeChant, Ely Mattson, Jocelyne Fowler, Kat Dollarhide, Kyle Rice, Sophie Stiles, Kat Fresh, Cedric Leggin and the many TMP volunteers who made this happen. Jon Douglas Rake is lucky to have you all on his team!