The Betty Wills Washington Treasure Award

Tacoma Little Theatre for Second Samuel

The Ralph Eaton New Horizon Award

Pullman Civic Theatre

The Magic Moment Award: A Three-Way Tie!

Lurch’s Licking of the Hand”, The Addams Family — Tacoma Musical Playhouse
Miss Gertrude is/was a man!, Second Samuel — Tacoma Little Theatre
“See” by Feeling the Steeple Drawing, Cathedral—Richland Players

All of The Magic Moments as voted by WSCTA Members:
Cathedral — Richland Players

Blind Man’s First Toke (Cathedral/Richland Players)
Closing Moment/”See” by Feeling the Steeple Drawing (Cathedral)
Her Describing the Attempted Suicide (Cathedral)

Brilliant Traces — Pullman Civic Theatre

“I Don’t Need A Mirror to See You”
“Ssh, ssh” moment

Second Samuel — Tacoma Little Theatre

The Life Magazine Hit! Ouch!/Jimmy Deanne Getting Hit On the Head
Miss Gertrude is/was a man!

The Addams Family — Tacoma Musical Playhouse

Lurch Actions/Lurch Licking Hand/Lurch’s Licking of the Hand 
Pop-Up Prejudicial Politician Podium (Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Snap Judgments — Academy of Children’s Theatre

Psych[o] Couple – saw how that could happen 
The Scene Where the Older Sister Comes Home and Tells Her Sister She is Gay. The Acceptance. The World Should Understand & Let People Love Who They Choose
Snickers Kiss

Love: You’ve Got to Be Kidding — The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest


THE KALEIDOSCOPE ’17 Awards given by AACT and the Adjudicators)

Kaleidoscope ’17 AACT Rep Award

Most Smooth Rehearsal — Second Samuel (Tacoma Little Theatre)

Kaleidoscope ’17 — Adjudicators’ Awards

Special Awards:
Outstanding Strike – Love: You’ve Got to Be Kidding (The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest)
Innovative Costumes – Pavlina Morris, Love: You’ve Got to Be Kidding
Excellent Set Design – Blake R. York, Second Samuel
Special Ensemble – The “Ancestors” [Colin Briskey, Cassandra Dechant, Lindsay Hovey, Sean Kilen, Kathy Kluska, Derek Mesford, John Miller, Tasha Smith, Corey Thompson], The Addams Family (Tacoma Musical Playhouse)
Excellent Ensemble – Snap Judgments [Jewel Bressler, Brandon Harbo, Efrain Portugal, Cameron Winslow, Sadie Halvorson, Tayler Riley, Kade Mandell, Dylan Harbor, Cleo Howell, Taryn Harkness] (Academy of Children’s Theatre)

Technical Awards:
Props Design – Jeffrey Weaver, Love: You’ve Got to Be Kidding
Costume Design – Jocelyne Fowler, The Addams Family
Lighting Design – John Chenault, The Addams Family
Set Design – Dennis Kurtz, The Addams Family

Performance Awards:
Featured Actor – Jonathan Bill (as Lurch), The Addams Family
Featured Actor – Marc Carvajal (as June), Second Samuel
Featured Actress – Jewel Bressler, Snap Judgments
Supporting Actor – Ted Miller, Cathedral (Richland Players)
Supporting Actor – Jermaine Lindsay (as US), Second Samuel
Supporting Actress – Jill Heinecke (as Jimmy Deeanne), Second Samuel
Supporting Actress – Neicie Packer (as Marcela), Second Samuel
Lead Actor – Rafe Wadleigh (as Gomez Adams), The Addams Family
Lead Actress – Savana Masako Smith (as Wednesday Addams). The Addams Family
Lead Actress – Diana George (as Omaha), Second Samuel
Director – Jon Douglas Rake, The Addams Family
Ensemble – Second Samuel (Aaron Mohs-Hale, Kerry Bringman, Jermaine Lindsay, Bob Yount, Tom Birkeland, Diana George, Jill Heinecke, Megan Saunders, Neicie Packer, Michael Dresdner, Marc Carvajal)

ALTERNATE PRODUCTION TO ADVANCE — Love: You’ve Got to be Kidding Me, The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest
The Addams Family, Tacoma Musical Playhouse
Second Samuel, Tacoma Little Theatre

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